Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kickin' it with Eugene A. Stratton and The Raymond Scott Quintette

My personal favorite for honing genealogical methodology is Eugene Stratton’s Applied Genealogy.  He has a chapter devoted to whole-family genealogy, another on analyzing evidence, indirect evidence, academia and genealogy and, for people like myself, he has a section in the appendix devoted to Medieval England Land Tenure.  I. love. this. book. It is a fun read and gets you fired up about research and analysis.

Pair that with the The Raymond Scott Quintette’s Microphone Music and you have yourself weekend plans. J This album inspires creativity and imagination, specifically “The Girl With The Light Blue Hair”  and “Powerhouse” to name a few from the album.
Applied Genealogy by Eugene A. Stratton

Microphone Music by The Raymond Scott Quintette