Thursday, February 25, 2016

Kickin' it with Patricia Law Hatcher and Moog Cookbook

I was slow jammin' to the Draper Collection the other day and realized I had a situation: too many men with the same name, in the same location, doing the same thing. Same occupation. Naming their kids the same names. In a petri dish called Colonial America.

Don't get me wrong, I love the chase and then figuring out the puzzle, but at that time, I needed a complex case study that resolved multiple identity problems at once in a way that made sense genealogically and then introduced to the audience as such.

Then this happened:
Patricia Law Hatcher, "Untangling the 15 Henry Hoffs of York County," Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine 42 (2001): 115-132.

Just read it. And while you are doing that, listen to some Moog Cookbook. Have fun with it.

Moog Cookbook: Ye Olde Space Bande Plays the Classic Rock Hits
Not available in digital format, treat-yo-self to the self titled album The Moog Cookbook if you can. "Buddy Holly" and "Evenflow" make it worth it.

Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine and available with an membership.