Friday, July 21, 2017

Kickin' it with William B. Saxbe Jr. and Gary Lewis and The Playboys

"Although each generational step requires both assumptions and explanations, when taken together those steps tie a scattered and disparate collection of facts into a coherent narrative."
-- William B. Saxbe Jr. "George1 Lane of Rye, and a Lane Line from Westchester County Westward," page 114.

I like reading Saxbe's pieces because most, if not all, of the genealogical cases solved are done with imagination and creativity. Having an open mind to the dilemmas we encounter along the genealogical path enables us to test hypothesis and find conclusions that an algorithm cannot. The abovementioned quote was one of those moments where I realized I would catalog this work in my head because solving the case of several men with the same name, let alone in Westchester County, would come in handy in the future.

Another quote: "Gaps in our knowledge remain, however, and alternative explanations do exist, requiring caution and qualification of all statements." [page 112] Just ponder that for a bit.

Reading both of those quotes and contemplating them, I had the same reaction that I have when I hear "Green Grass," by Gary Lewis and The Playboys. So why not couple the two? Shimmy it out, listen to summer jams and read some studies that have nothing to do with your family.

William B. Saxbe Jr., "George1 Lane of Rye, and a Lane Line from Westchester County Westward," The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 18 (April 2017): 111-128.

The Best of Gary Lewis and The Playboys, specifically "Green Grass."