Saturday, September 30, 2017

Kickin' it with Ronald A. Hill and Uptown Funk Empire

As autumn rolls in, you may yearn for a great and well documented story to read. If so, Ronald A. Hill's The Tumultuous Achym/Fulford Relationship is definitely worth the search and study.

A series first published in The Genealogist, this genealogy not only follows a Cornwall (England) family, but showcases how to beautifully discuss the many court cases encountered during the research. As someone with a deficiency in transcribing, abstracting and extracting records, Hill's fresh approach to that subject alone made me want to reevaluate my own work so that I could apply the same methodology. His restraint and the applicability of evaluating and producing entries within the genealogy for those records is quite glorious.

This is a great read. It will inspire those considering writing a genealogy. It will also inspire those who want to pursue focused research in Cornwall/England because it provides valuable steps to move forward.

The book, like all good ones, is out of print. A digital version is available here at FamilySearch. You can order a physical copy here or check with your local library. Either way, it is worth the purchase and read.

You can slow it down with some Uptown Funk Empire, specifically, the Empire Strikes Back album. Check out "Boogie" and "Please Mr. Postman."

Ronald A. Hill, The Tumultuous Achym/Fulford Relationship (Star, Idaho: Chaghill Publications, 2003).